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Year Three Class - Owls

Owls joined the other schools in the Heath Academy at a striking and fielding event

Fireside - Sparkler Bread Sticks

Forest Fun - Den building and making fire

Sparkly Starter - Looking at the functions of the digestive system and how food goes through our bodies.

Transfer Day - Parachute fun on the field with Mr Spinks, starting our new journey in Key stage 2

Congratulations to our Special Agents who have all completed their training.

Sparkly Starter - Foxes and Squirrels had a great day at the Liberty's Owl, Raptor and Reptile Centre as the start to their In the dead of the night topic

Foxes spent their math's lesson weighing out ingredients in grams and millilitres to make delicious scones.

Foxes created their own enchanted gardens

Look how our plants have grown!!

Enchanted Woodland Topic - Foxes have been learning how to sow seeds.

Sparkly Starter- Enchanted Woodland Walk - Foxes started their topic with a woodland walk around the school grounds.

Some of our Foxes had a fantastic afternoon playing Dodgeball at Three Legged Cross First School

Fabulous Finish - Enjoying juice and biscuits with the local community at The Forest Edge Cafe in Alderholt

We have been learning about the Passover Meal in our Religious Education Lessons - We tasted some of the traditional foods served at the Passover meal. Some we liked others we were not so keen on.

We created our own playgrounds in our Design and Technology Lessons

Forest Fun - Foxes have been having fun using saws, making mud pies, creating faces using things from our environment and enjoying flatbreads on the open fire.

Mr King visited the Squirrels and Foxes to talk about Alderholt and to show children the historical changes in the village through a selection of old and new photographs.

Village Detectives - Sparkly Starter (2).mp4

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Making our own pop art words using natural materials on the field.

Sparkly Starter - I'm a Superhero Dress up day

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Our Squirrels class also received their Multi Skills Certificates following their trip to Burgate School.

Our Squirrels Class receiving their Jubilee Games Certificates at Celebration Worship today.

Jubilee Games- Our Squirrels joined other schools from the Heath Academy at Sixpenny Handley School for a wonderful morning of sports including the egg and spoon race, throwing hoops, hoop jumps and hurdles.

Super Squirrels - Scaling the heights of the climbing wall today

KS1 had an amazing time joining other local schools at a Multi Skills Tournament at Burgate School.

Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee wearing our homemade hats and dressing up in red, white and blue.

Squirrels and Foxes spent time on the field collecting twigs of varying length, ordering them from shortest to longest and then using rulers measuring them to the nearest cm.

KS1 still managed to have a great time completing multi-skills in the hall

Environmental art with other classes in school on a sunny afternoon. Followed by story telling games.

Forest school time again - KS1 enjoyed a sunny afternoon making bee bombs using air-dried clay and flower seeds and creating some pretty designs using Hapa-Zome printing.

Being Kings and Queens for the day

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Another forest adventure for the Squirrels!! Creating their own dens and drinking hot chocolate.

M&M Theatrical Productions - Charles Dickens adaptation of Scrooge - Enjoyed by all this afternoon

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake eating, Pancake races and a worship with Reverend Simon

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

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Squirrels kneading their bread to make bread rolls. All part of their Fire of London topic.

Weighing, Sieving, Mixing and Kneading - all skills learnt when making bread in school today.

Squirrels had a sticky session learning how to make jam sandwiches by following a sequence of instructions.

As part of their science investigations, KS1 have been making different types of water squirters and testing which design would be the best to put out the Great Fire of London. They competed their experiments in the playground by measuring how far the water would squirt from each different design.

Squirrels making a human timeline of the events of the great fire of London.

Carol Singing in the Playground

Our Pond Competition Winners!!

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Playing rollerball during Ackie's PE session

Christmas has arrived in Squirrels - Making Christmas decorations and using our cutting skills to make snowflakes

Children in Need - We had a lot of spotty children today!!

Keeping the birds and squirrels of our forest healthy - We made some healthy snacks for the bird and squirrels.

Healthy Me - Keystage 1 spent a fun sparkly day dressing up as professionals who help us to keep healthy.

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Whole School Fun on the Field - Fabulous end to a busy half term

Key Stage 1 have been using their skills of colour mixing, from Primary to Secondary colours and creating repeating patterns with their Beach Huts.

"We were using apparatus to investigate how many ways we could divide various numbers and the recording division sentence to match. We were amazed at how we could make connections with previous learning on Multiplication".

Our Sparkly Starter - Enjoying delicious ice lollies

Fun Forest Activities - Our Squirrels Class had a fabulous time creating, playing and exploring.

Our new Superstar Squirrels - Enjoying their outdoor courtyard.

Enjoying fruit lollies, climbing trees and playing in the mud kitchen in the Deep Dark Woods

On the farm

Rainbow Couscous

St James' Move It Week - June 2021

Street Dance Superstars

Tractor Fun!!

Kindness - Linking in with our school value, Kindness, we had fun making our own friend on the field using fantastic teamwork.

Pizza Snails

All lined up ready for cricket

Woodland Minibeasts

Easter Crispy Cakes

Comic Relief

Hedgehog Christmas Fun!!!

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Children in Need