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Meals and Milk

Our Food Philosophy

At St James' Sunbeams we believe in providing children with tasty nutritionally balanced meals. 


Our dedicated Nursery cook prepares all the food we give the children from fresh ingredients each day, ensuring the meals are well-balanced nutritionally.  We also seek to ensure that children understand where their food comes from, how to prepare food, and to become adventurous with exploring taste and texture.


We get even the youngest children hands on whenever possible, giving the children the opportunity to plant seeds, play with food, and cook for themselves each week.


Mealtimes are important social occasions in the nursery and we support the children to be independent and encourage them to experience different flavours. Staff often enjoy lunchtimes with the children eating together and encouraging the development of social skills, manners and the use of cutlery.


We support mothers who wish to breast feed and offer a quiet and comfortable place for feeding. We are able to store breast milk while your child is at nursery.