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At St James' we encourage children to think about the world around them by asking questions about what they see, hear and experience. On this page you will find a range of big questions, linked to one of our six values, which the children (and staff!) have had a go at attempting to answer.


Open-ended questions like those below seldom have right or wrong answers, but help to broaden children’s thinking processes, to develop their speech and language skills, and to build confidence in their ability to express themselves using words.





Who is more important? You or me?                                                                  

Can kindness change the world?

Are visitors always welcome?

How have you shown kindness this week?

Is it possible to rid the world of bullying?



How can we help make St James' even better?

What does it mean to live in hope?

Can I think myself happy or am I stuck with feeling sad?

Can one person change the world?

How can you help someone if you are really far away from them?

Is Easter all about eggs?


How can I show good friendship?

How do I know I have a good friend/ friendship?

Can friendship always bring happiness?

Is spending time with friends always important?

How can we use our friendships to make a positive difference in the world?

Friendship is based on trust- true or false?


How do we become a reflective person?

What can we learn from the wise and foolish builders?

What would be your ‘golden rule’ and why? How will you live it out?

Is it always possible to show respect?


What makes St. James’ heart beat?

Where is your peaceful place and why is it important?

What would happen if everyone was peaceful?

How would you bring peace to the world?

Is it important to have peace?