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Forest School

Throughout every child’s school journey we continue to use our mature onsite woodland to enhance, support and facilitate children’s learning.


As practitioners we know that it is the process that learners go through, rather than the outcomes, that can have a profound and lasting impact on them and taking the learning into their natural environment can do just that.  


Be it maths, science, geography, art and design (to name just a few) we like to take as much of our learning outdoors as possible. The objectives covered on the curriculum can be secured whilst at the same time providing opportunities for each individual to develop, grow, explore and take chances in a safe but challenging environment.


Children are taught various tool skills from an early age which culminate in fire lighting. It is these behaviours and attitudes that are developed through the Forest School ethos and learning process that develop the reflective and independent, confident and creative, happy and emotionally-aware learners that we want our children to be. 


"The best Classroom and the richest classroom is roofed only by the sky!"

(Margret McMillan)