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Nursery class- Dormice

Time to start digging!!

Summer is here - Nursery starting their Forest School Sessions

Throwing the winter leaves

Finding animals in the woods

Winter Weather - Making winter pictures with puffy paint

It's Forest time again

Playing in our outdoor area

Playdough Fun - Using rolling pins and stampers

Firework Dancing using pom poms and streamers

Leaf Printing and Painting

Looking at the birds by making bird feeders

Maths Today - Sorting objects by colour

Fun and games in our outdoor area

Time for chick cuddles in Nursery

The chicks have hatched.

The day the eggs arrived

Using the large bricks to build towers in the construction area.

Making cakes in the mud kitchen

Acting out the Wise and Foolish Builder story in the sand tray.

Using our new outdoor area - Thank you Mr Parker and the Alderholt Community Grant for supporting the Nursery

Forest School with Hedgehogs and Clare

The Hungry Caterpillar

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Our NEW Nursery Playground

Dormice have been looking for birds and bird’s nests using binoculars and making bird hides in their outdoor area.

Dressed up for World Book Day as characters from our favourite books - including the adults!

Happy Chinese New Year (2).mp4

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Dormice had fun with the dark tent set up like a cave. The children used different light-up toys to experiment in the tent.

We've been on a sensory walk today using our feet instead of our hands to feel different textures and deciding whether we like the feel or not.

Making bird feeders, hanging them up and then hiding in the bird hide to see which birds come and visit our field.

Making snowflakes using our cutting skills

Getting Messy- Cornflour and ice

Early Years Nativity

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Dormice have been trying to balance coloured balls on their matching tubes. Look how good they are!

Autumn Time - Creating collages from natural materials the Dormice class have found in their outdoor environment.

Going on a treasure hunt! - Dormice have been finding different textures in their outdoor area and making rubbings using crayons.

Delicious scones!! We had great fun making scones using flour, butter and milk and mixing the ingredients with a fork. We then could choose from sultanas, herbs, cheese, apples, blackberries and cinnamon to add to our scones.

We've been getting messy making cakes in our mud kitchen using dirt, stones and a jug of water.

Dormice have been painting using blackberries.

Dormice have made butter out of cream this week and have been learning how to spread the butter onto different types of bread. They were even allowed to eat them - Delicious

We've been learning how to use tweezers to sort out natural objects and enjoying fun in our outdoor area.

Dormice children spent time with our new sports coaches from Teamtheme.

Dormice have been learning about our school and nursery values and completing their value poster with handprints.

Dormice have been experimenting on how to move a ball with different parts of their feet and trying to get the ball through a tunnel.

Hooray - Our Caterpillars have finally become butterflies!!!

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Hooray - Our Caterpillars have finally become butterflies!!!

Growing Caterpillars and Butterflies - Making caterpillars out of playdough.

Growing Caterpillars and Butterflies - Dormice have been painting butterflies and learning about symmetry.

Dormice have been reading The Hungry Caterpillar, making their own pasta caterpillars and creating their Butterfly books.

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Celebrating the Queen's Jubilee wearing our homemade hats and dressing up in red, white and blue.

Dormice have been learning about Africa, finding out about animals which live there, trying different fruits and painting our own animal masks.

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A sunny afternoon doing a touch of gardening - We planted out sunflowers in our pots. Thank you to Mrs Alison for looking after them over the Easter holidays.

Leap into Life - Dormice have been developing their upper and lower body strength by moving like crabs and crawling on their hands and knees through tunnels.

Dormice spent time outdoors using equipment to build bridges to get the gingerbread man across the river

Dormice have been making vehicles and bridges to help the Gingerbread Man get across the river.

Testing our skills of balance on our scooters.

Dormice - Super Skills Week

Dormice have been enjoying mixing paints to paint their paper flowers and created their own beautiful flower garden. Look at our lovely display we created.

Dormice are beginning to understand about how to plant seeds and care for growing plants with their fantastic cress heads.

Dormice have been looking at plants in their garden and having a great time creating their own blossom.

Leap into Life - Having fun making our bodies move to different tempos and learning how to keep that balance on the bench.

Shrove Tuesday - Pancake races

The Three Little Pigs - Dormice have been investigating materials to make houses for the Three Little Pigs.

Happy Chinese New Year from the Dormice

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Dormice have been exploring light and dark and how it affects the look of different materials.

We lit our fire this afternoon to keep us warm, whilst being thankful we made dreamy dream catchers and forest treasure mobiles to hang on our tree of gratitude.

Dormice and Hedgehogs enjoying getting messy making bird feeders and hanging them on our bird feed station

Carol Singing in the Playground

Our Pond Competition Winners!!

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Dormice and Hedgehogs had a chilly walk to the Co-op this morning. They entertained the shoppers by singing carols outside and enjoyed a well earned mince pie.

Dormice had fun exploring sound using everyday objects and investigating how sound is made on a variety of African instruments. They then had a go at making their own musical instruments.

We explored and experimented with wind-up toys including bath toys, pull back helicopters and a wind up mouse. We discovered that batteries are not always needed.

Children in Need - We had a lot of spotty children today!!

Maths mayhem trying to fit ourselves into boxes and squeeze into tunnels.

We had fun making potions and riding on our broomsticks during Forest School.

Firework Fun

We spent the afternoon planting spring bulbs, just like Percy the Park Keeper did in the story of The Lost Acorns.

We have been learning our colours by making Elmer elephants.

Making Scones with Apples and Blackberries

Sunny Afternoon Blackberry Painting

Fun in our first few weeks as Dormice- Exploring our forest, playing in the mud kitchen, balancing and helping each other.

The Healthy Wolf

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

St James' Move It Week - June 2021

Making Cardboard Shakers

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Dormice Forest Fun

Mud Kitchen Fun

Parachute Play

Making Dinosaur Skin Patterns

Potion Making

Merry Christmas Decorations

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We had fun in the rain

Our Shadow Monsters